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  • Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?
    A: Unfortunately we do not accept Medicaid or Medicare.
  • Do you take my insurance?
    Please click on the Insurance tab above to show the PPO commercial plans we are In-Network with. We are only In-Network with BCBS-HMO Advocate. All other HMO plan's will need a Primary Care Physician referral before requesting appointment.
  • How much do I have to pay out of pocket with insurance?
    If you are unsure what your out of pocket expense is, please contact your insurance company.
  • How much is self pay and do you offer a sliding scale?
    Sessions are $150 per session. At this time we do not offer a sliding scale fee.
  • How long are the therapy sessions?
    Sessions are 50-55 mins
  • How many sessions will I need?
    Once your therapist has done their assessment, they will be able to provide you with further details. Sessions typically occur once a week but can be increased or decreased based on need. Session frequency tend to decrease to every other week or once a month as the individual comes closer to meeting their goals.
  • Can you do psych evaluations or testing's?
    We do not provide psych evals or testings at this time.
  • What time does the office open?
    Administration is available between the hours of 9a-5p, Monday - Friday. Therapy hours differ by therapists schedule and availability.
  • Do you take walk in appointments?
    We ask that you "request an appointment" through our online portal before coming into the office.
  • When should I expect to hear back from a therapist after I have requested an appointment?
    Once you have requested an appointment, you should receive an email confirmation. A therapist should contact you within 24 hrs of submission. Please keep in mind, if you have submitted a request over the weekend, please allow the next business day for the therapist to contact you.
  • Are you an inpatient facility or hospital?
    We are a private practice and condsiderd an outpatient facility.
  • Do you prescribe medications?
    We do not prescribe medications. If during the course of treatment that it becomes evident that medication may be beneficial, your therapist will refer you to a psychiatrist.
  • What do I do if I haven't received a call back from a therapist?
    Please feel free to contact our main office so that we can further assist you.
  • How come I do not see the therapist I want on the "request appointment form"?"
    If you do not see the therapist on the request appointment form, that therapist is no longer accepting new referrals.
  • Can I talk to a therapist prior to requesting an appointment?
    In order to speak with a therapist, a request an appointment must be submitted.
  • Who do I contact if I have questions about my bill?
    Please contact your therapist directly and they will provide you with contact information for our biller or contact our biller directly, if you already have their contact information.
  • Do you offer in person or telehealth sessions?
    We offer both.
  • Do you accept Medicaid or Medicare? Do you know of any practice that accepts my insurance?
    No, we do not. Try contacting your local mental health board for additional information.
  • Can I schedule a same day appointment?
    Unfortunately we may not be able to accommodate same day appointment request do to the high demand for services.
  • What if I know of someone who is / I am currently having a mental breakdown?
    Incase of an emergency, please call / get to the nearest hospital.
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