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Angie Berthelsen

Health & Wellness Coach

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Cary, IL

Professional Summary


Angie’s interest in health and wellness became a priority eight years ago when a neck injury caused her to be bedridden. Turning to yoga and strength training was life-saving, and the only way she returned to normal activities. She pursued multiple certifications, including NASM-certified personal trainer, 200-Hour Yoga (plus prenatal, kids, and aerial yoga certifications), Trauma-informed yoga, and corrective exercise specialist. She also earned a master's degree in kinesiology and is currently working on her Health and Wellness Coaching certification. She passionately believes in the healing power of exercise and prioritizing mental, emotional and physical health.


As a health and wellness coach, Angie becomes your personal advocate. She uses her knowledge to coach her clients and empower them to make positive changes in their lives.

Her program is based on the principles of functional medicine that emphasizes
uncovering the root causes of disease and treating a person from every aspect: from diet to sleep, toxic exposure, exercise, self-love, and stress. I want to help you get to the root cause of your imbalance(s) in your body. 

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