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​Behavior Modification is a specialized treatment approach for children and adolescents to change a particular undesirable negative behavior.  This approach has been found to be successful in treating disorders like ADHD, OCD, phobias, separation anxiety, generalized anxiety, disruptive behaviors and autism, among other conditions.

The core concept behind behavior modification is that all behaviors can be observed and measured, and used as targets for change.  The idea is based on that good behavior should lead to positive consequences and bad behavior should lead to negative consequences.

Consistency is KEY to making behavior modification effective. We work closely with the parents/caregivers as a team effort to get desired results.  If parents, teachers, daycare providers, and other caregivers use the same consequences and rewards, a child’s behavior is likely to change even faster.

At BCS our behavior modification is customized to your child’s specific needs. The strategies that work well for one child might not work with another.







Give us a call at (224)256-2607 to find out if this is the appropriate treatment approach for you or your child.


Behavior Modification

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