Robert Fay, MS, LMHC


Population & Treatments



Orlando, FL

Professional Summary


Robert Abraham Fay (Brahm) grew up in Central Florida, and attended primary, secondary, and grad school in the same location.  He has worked around the world on social justice issues. Brahm knows that life can be difficult, and he also knows how bearable things can be when we have a trusted confidant in which we can deposit precious information.  Brahm likes to be actively engaged in the therapeutic process without being pushy or scripted. We all want answers.  Brahm likes to play chess, ride his bike, and volunteer.


Brahm has worked with several homeless shelters over the years, and service is in his bloodline, as his mother is a retired English teacher, father is a retired advocate for juveniles, and his sister is a labor & delivery nurse.  In-session, Brahm borrows heavily from the power of emotional imagination.  Therapy should be an enjoyable growth process, and appropriate humor can be helpful.


Brahm likes to volunteer on most Saturdays, and he focuses on the human condition a majority of the time.  A complete exploration of meaning, purpose, and value are all pillars of his practice.  As a fan of thoroughly examining life, Brahm likes to fully understand every individual, as presented, throughout the entire therapeutic process.